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Turning on Airplane Mode? 5 Podcasts to Tune Into4 min read

Sep 6, 2021 3 min

Turning on Airplane Mode? 5 Podcasts to Tune Into4 min read

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Getting your travel on? We hope you’re leaving on the jet plane heading for somewhere exciting, fun, and relaxing. But if you’re traveling for business that’s cool, too.

Traveling is the perfect time for catching up with your favorite podcasts and discover new ones. So if you’ll be turning on airplane mode between your departing and arriving destinations, we have a great list of podcast recommendations for you.

Of course, if none of these strike your fancy, there are plenty more (like another 3M+) to choose from on our platform. No matter what you select, we hope you enjoy your trip tuning into awesome shows.

The Kintsugi Podcast: Conversations About Resilience

This podcast may strike you if you feel successful on the outside, but don’t feel it on the inside. Host Michael O’Brien looked like he had success beyond measure, but under that visage, he was unhappy and internalizing his stress. Then, in July 2001, he was hit by a SUV going 40 mph while riding his bicycle. The doctors told his wife he shouldn’t have survived and he may never ride again. Eventually, he came to see that day in 2001 as his last bad day. His near-death cycling accident and the reflective journey that followed inspired his podcast. The Kintsugi Podcast focuses on building your resilience, discovering gratitude, and preventing one bad moment from turning into a bad day (or more).

Not Over Just Different

Do you identify as female and are looking for inspiration while you face life’s next chapter? You may enjoy Not Over Just Different with host Natalie Ledwell, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Mind Movies. Ledwelll was raised in rural Australia in a family of 8. She always knew she was destined for something BIG but didn’t know how to reach her goals. Now, Ledwell is one of the world’s premier experts on how to bring success and abundance to your life. Not Over Just Different is for women of “respectable age facing life’s next new chapter.” The candid conversations on her podcast cover everything from relationships to health to aging gracefully.

Stretch Marks, the Podcast

Are you feeling overwhelmed and stretched in this season of your life? Then maybe you want to take a play out of host Amber Trueblood’s podcast, Stretch Marks.  She interviews men and women who’ve “survived, thrived, and come out the other side to share their gifts with us.” Plus, you get to hear her own crazy stories about mom-life raising four sons. This is for you if you want to make a change and may not have the support, skills, or motivation to make it happen. “Amber is a parenting expert, author, and therapist on a mission to help women eliminate overwhelm, get moving in the direction of their dreams, and embrace what truly makes them happy.” No matter which episode you turn into, it will leave its mark.

Learned it from an 80s Song

Learned it from an 80s Song is the podcast for you if you’re a music lover with an affinity for 80s-themed anything (or just a true believer that music lifts and heals the soul.) Host Patricia Friberg blends the positive impact of music with powerful storytelling. Her inspiring guests share their stories of transformation. Plus, with her 20+ years in career management, therapy, health and fitness, and now coaching, she has plenty of her own stories to offer. Tuning into this podcast won’t just lift your soul and make you want to dance, but the amazing knowledge gleaned from the conversations with her guests will inspire a new rhythm in your life.

Tony DUrso Show

Looking for something that’s got the stamp of a real VIP? Then tune into the Tony DUrso Show where some of the biggest names in the world (think Hollywood Stars, Pro Athletes, Bestselling Authors) grace the audio stage. And it takes one to know one; Durso is a VIP in his own right. Durso’s show is the #1 show on the VoiceAmerica Network and has achieved 10,000,000 downloads. Through his show he gives his audience a peek behind the curtain of fame while keeping the conversation with his world-renowned guests honest and real by asking them questions about where they’ve been, what’s made them who they are, where they’re heading next and more. If you’re looking to learn how to become successful, why not learn from the experts.

These five podcasts and more can be found right here on our platform. So nab that drink from your flight attendant, recline your seat (not too far back now), and throw your headphones on. It’s time to tune into these five podcasts while you’re turning on airplane mode.

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