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Podopolo Partners with Feast it Forward to Innovate Experiential Podcasting4 min read

May 25, 2022 3 min

Podopolo Partners with Feast it Forward to Innovate Experiential Podcasting4 min read

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NAPA, CA – May 24, 2022 – Podopolo and Feast it Forward are proud to announce a unique partnership that brings content to life as fully interactive and experiential, combining Feast’s unique “influencer playground” featuring six state-of-the-art studios and stages, wine tastings, and experiential marketing showroom, with Podopolo’s powerful interactive podcasting and live video streaming platform alongside Feast it Forward’s web based food and lifestyle network, Feast.Network.

Podopolo and Feast kick off the partnership this Memorial Day Weekend in downtown Napa, where Podopolo is featuring a curated selection of top podcasters live on stage at Feast, paired with top musical acts performing at BottleRock. Podopolo will be live streaming the weekend leveraging its unique interactive video streaming technology, clip sharing, and much more. Feast it Forward will be roving with live interviews and private sessions in the film studio while the “playground” will have food trucks, experiential pop-up vendors, wine tasting, music and more.

“With Feast it Forward, Podopolo is taking interactive podcasting and opportunities for its advertisers and sponsors to a whole new level”, says Podopolo CEO and Founder Melinda Wittstock. “Both Feast and Podopolo are committed to continual creative innovation and share a social impact mission to always give-forward, so I can’t wait to share the magic that unfolds.”

“I am honored to join forces to establish what we believe, combined, is a game changing platform. With our experiential playground in Napa alongside our lifestyle and food network, Podopolo takes our vision to the next level”, says CEO and Founder Katie Hamilton Shaffer. “Feast it Forward and Podopolo have the ability to make a greater impact together while RAISING a glass, awareness and funds and I am extremely excited about what the future holds.”

More About Podopolo

Podopolo is not just another podcast app; it is revolutionizing podcasting and live streaming as fully interactive and personalized, with 6 proprietary technologies (including AI and blockchain) at the intersection of podcasting content, social media, and creators’ economy. Podopolo uniquely features:

·  5 million+ audio and video podcasts, in all languages, automatically ingested and instantly updated

·  A sophisticated AI-driven recommendation engine with “matchmaking” tech that instantly surfaces perfect podcasts for people around shared interests, behavior and more for consumers, and puts podcasts in front of perfect targeted audiences for them to grow their reach/discoverability 

·  Live interactive video streaming (also enabling user-generated audio/video clips tied specifically to events) 

·  Clip creation so people can easily create a short clip of an episode to share with friends

·  Social features such as DMs, one-click social sharing on all platforms 

·  Monetization tools for podcasters and creators, including subscriptions and AI-targeted advertising (on-app, on-air, and experiential through event partners)

·  And much more…

More About Feast it Forward

Feast it Forward is the first global concept of its kind bringing together like-minded brands, rethinking the traditional live marketing model for a progressive approach to food, wine, design, art, music and philanthropy. With the initial launch of the web based food and lifestyle network, Feast.Network, its outdoor festival venue (The Yard) and experiential showroom + live film studio + multi-wine tasting collective (The Studio) located in downtown Napa Valley, CA is essentially a sandbox for national brands to promote and engage consumers bringing the digital brand to life. Everything you see, feel, touch and experience is a sponsor and partner of this innovative brand.


Melinda Wittstock


Katie Hamilton Shaffer

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  1. Lynne Smith
    This is an exciting partnership!! I look forward to following along!!

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