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That’s Comical! 10 Podcasts Who Put the Mic in Comic Performance6 min read

Sep 6, 2021 4 min

That’s Comical! 10 Podcasts Who Put the Mic in Comic Performance6 min read

Reading Time: 4 minutes

We believe that conversation IS content and it has the power to inspire and inform innovation and transformation. I mean, we’re all about changing the world, raising consciousness, and ensuring that diverse voices are heard around the globe. But, you know what else we’re about? Fun. Not just a little bit of fun; epic amounts of it.

There’s no denying we are masterful in what we do. Our team is composed of brilliant and creative minds from around the globe that have built the first-ever interactive podcasting network. We didn’t do that with our heads down and stayin’ all serious – at least not entirely. Nope. We did it with humor, playfulness, and plenty of laughter.

Life, and often work, too, is way too serious. And certainly if we’re out to make the planet better, that’s no small or easy feat. Which means there has to be time for levity. For taking a load off. For ROFL… by yourself, with your friends, with your kids… we don’t care and we won’t judge.

So if you’ve been working too hard and not playing enough…If you’ve been oh so serious in your day-to-day…If it’s been a hot minute since you’ve had a solid LOL release, we want to give you 10 podcasts who put the ‘mic’ in comic performance. There has to be something in this list that will make you go “That’s comical!” and send you rollin.’

Here’s 10 podcasts who put the mic in comic performance in no particular order. (I mean, we couldn’t possibly rank them.)

1 – Juicy Scoop

What could be juicier than hearing about date-night misadventures with her husband in too-tight Spanx, yearnings for dry humping, mortifying her teenage son with a football helmet full of “cougar underwear,” and other hilarious (and true) stories from a mom, wife, and standup comic sound? It’s all there on the Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald. Plus, Juicy Scoop is also like her writing room where she gets to test out material that eventually ends up in her standup routines. I bet she’d love to see if you pick up what she’s laying down.

2 – My Dad Wrote a Porno

We really only have three words (or maybe it’s only two because of the hyphen). Read-aloud erotica. Yeah, you read that correctly. This podcast has three hosts (Jamie Morton, James Cooper, and Alice Levine). Each episode Morton reads a new chapter of his father’s amateur erotica novel originally written under a pen name. While Morton reads, they all provide a running commentary guaranteed to tease a response right out of you.

3 – You Made it Weird

Everyone is weird. But host Pete Holmes figured out how to get comedians (like Judd Apatow, Bo Burnham, and Jimmy Kimmel) to share what those weird things are. You Made it Weird debuted in 2011 and has since shifted into more of an improvisational conversation ranging from sexuality to religion and now includes guests that aren’t just comedians (like pastors, musicians, scientists, and authors). How weird do you think it gets?

4 – Hello From the Magic Tavern

Welcome to the wizarding world of Foon where monsters, wizards, and adventures abound. It’s improvisation meets fantasy meets serial storytelling all rolled into one. Listening in you’ll find delightful comedic escape where co-hosts Arnie Niekamp, Adal Rifai, and Matt Young transport you to a fantastical podcast land. One that includes a sport called “Mittens” that’s some variation of football but with contradictory rules and “memory gremlins.” If you’re thinking, What the ale is this really about? You need to head to the magic tavern and check it out.

5 – The Guilty Feminist

Nothing is funnier than poking fun at those who take themselves too seriously. Host Deborah Frances-White certainly doesn’t. She had her husband adjust her computer area so that her Zoom calls would hit a more flattering angle of her “chin area.” Episode to episode, Frances-White discusses topics that “all 21 first century feminists agree on” while uncovering all the hypocrisies, insecurity, and fear that lie beneath all those principles. Girl power, anyone?

6 – My Brother, My Brother, and Me (and Our Dad)

They say it’s all in the family, and this is certainly true for this podcast. When the McElroy brothers ended up miles apart in different cities, they scheduled time to talk together so they could still enjoy quality time cracking jokes and making eachother laugh. What started as an excuse to talk regularly, became a podcast. And it turned into answering questions submitted by listeners and then they started featuring “guestperts” like Jimmy Buffett, Elizabeth Gilbert, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Al Roker, Dan Savage and others.

7 – Good for You

The Coronoravirus couldn’t get this standup comic (Whitney Cummings) down. With no Netflix or HBO specials to tape, she took to the mic at home, developing her own podcasts (alongside her robot) where she interviews guests and covers topics you didn’t even knew you cared about – like couples who fart together, disinfectant wiping, sending nudes during lockdown, and more. This podcast shows that even COVID has a funny side.

8 – And That’s Why We Drink

You might not think it based on the title, but this podcast is comedy meets true crime. Co-hosts and friends in real life, Christine Schiefer and Em Schulz talk about what drives them to drink and it’s not what you think (breakups, lay offs, glorious New Year’s celebrations). These friends regale their audience with tales of conspiracy, cold cases, and matters of the paranormal but with contagious humor and, obviously, friendship. Crack open a cold one and maybe a case all at the same time.

9 – Sooo Many White Guys

Phoebe Robinson is pretty tired of being a token black female comic in a sea of white dude comedians. So, she’s leaving white guys out of the podcast and focusing her conversations with actors, musicians, and comedians who are crushing it (and also not white dudes). At least mostly. You’ll have to stay tuned to catch the token white guy she brings onto the show. In her words: “It’s only fair.”

10 – WTF with Marc Maron

Who better to host a podcast that makes you go “That’s Comical!” then a legend in the stand-up community. Marc Maron who has been writing and performing raw, thought-provoking comedy for over 20 years. Since 2009, he’s been using his comedic edge in his podcast to host conversations with iconic personalities like Conan O’Brien, Terry Gross, and President Barack O’Bama. It’s a part with the real VIPS and plenty of laughs.

Now before you go ROFL, we want to make sure that you’re hitting the play button on these playful podcasts right here on Podopolo. It takes nothing at all to get the app, sign up, and have access to our 4M+ podcasts. I mean, if nothing on this list grabbed you, you’re bound to find a comedic show that’s more your style inside our platform. Hilarity, laughter, levity abounds inside this paradise of podcasts we call Podopolo.


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