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Podopolo, Podcasting, and Jimmy Buffet. Top 3 Reasons Podcasters Should Join Our Network5 min read

Sep 6, 2021 4 min

Podopolo, Podcasting, and Jimmy Buffet. Top 3 Reasons Podcasters Should Join Our Network5 min read

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Are you a podcast host looking for your podcast to change your world while changing the world at the same time? Do you want star-studded status for the epic awesome you bring to each episode? Then you’ll want to be grabbing your spot on our party cruise that is about to set sail. The final destination: a podcaster’s paradise.

Podopolo is out to change the world of podcasting and we want you on board. Like you, we’re also aiming for star status. We want to become a household name like Alexa or Siri. We want to hear people saying, “Oh, we’ll just go search Podopolo,” when they’re talking about podcasts. It’s not going to take much once people know about us. 50% of U.S. homes are podcast fans. (No, we didn’t make that up.) 68 million tune into podcasts weekly. (Didn’t make that one up either.) It’s all here and then some. We’ll be the go-to podcast platform in no time. We can feel it. You’re going to want in on that, aren’t you?

Along with being that household name, we want to turn into a verb. You know the way that people say, “I Googled it.” Instead they’ll be like, “I Podopoloed for like five hours the other day.” Or we’ll become a place where everyone hangs out, the same way that Facebook and Instagram capture people’s attention (and time) – except bigger. “What? You’re not on Podopolo yet?” people will say.

We’re going to be like that singer with a hit song that lasts forever and only keeps getting better the more you listen. A song that’s catchy, fun, smooth, and oh so easy to enjoy. A song that inspires chain restaurants. You know. We’ll be the Jimmy Buffet of podcast apps. We might not have a restaurant chain, but it’s early on our adventure and who knows what the dynamite team of magic makers behind Podopolo will get up to. Even without the restaurant, we have a few things in common with Jimmy Buffet that are worth mentioning.

#1 – We make the paradise for our people (podcasters like you)

First, we both believe in a paradise. Ours aren’t cheeseburgers, but let’s not split hairs. He can have his paradise and we can have ours — which is Podopolo, our interactive podcast app. It’s the first of its kind. We like to think of it as a podcaster’s paradise.

For the first time ever it’s both easy and seriously rewarding for podcasters to be discovered, heard, and paid like a pro. When you join us and claim your podcast you’ll grow your audience, get discovered by new fans, get engaged with new interactive experiences, get data about your listeners that no other platform provides, and get profitable by getting data for downloads. See…it does sound like paradise, right?

#2 – We love hosting a good podcast (like yours)

The second thing we have in common with Buffet: we love hosting a good podcast. His production coordinator hosts the Margaritaville Podcast. On Buffet’s podcast, guests sit down to talk about work, play, and escaping (the Margaritaville way which is a state of mind). We host 3.7+ million podcasts on our platform where 3.7+ million hosts talk about … well, pretty much everything. Our gigantic podcast library has pretty much anything imaginable. Including your podcast.

It doesn’t matter if you fly here in the coach section or first class, or if you’re a podcasting pioneer, superstar, or newbie, there is a spot for you on our island. In fact, your podcast is just waiting to be claimed under the cabana with your name on it. So grab your Pina Colada and your laptop and get going. Once you unlock your exclusive access you can attract your perfect audience, engage and reward your listeners, and get praid like a pro.

#3 – We’ll never go out of style (your show can grow old with us, but never out of date)

That’s all we have to say about that one. Okay, just kidding.

The main thing to note is that we are committed to being cutting edge in the world of podcasting. We’re on top of what’s trending, aim to be ahead of our competitors, and constantly updating new features to make for the most ridiculously awesome user experience (for both podcasters and listeners). Not to mention our gamified experience (via quests and challenges, badges and more) is incorporated at every layer and level of our platform (also for both podcasters and their fans) which keeps everything fun, interesting, adventurous, and playful. Plus, because we are aiming to be an interactive social network, we’ll constantly be evolving to make sure things stay that way, keeping up with the changing tides in social networks.

Podopolo is a game changer with the mission, vision, and innovators to become everything its set out to and more. No more of this having to reach 10,000 downloads or more per episode for podcasters to have access to advertising and sponsorship opportunities. And we say ‘boo’ to 85% of podcasters not making a dime. Not any more. Not on our watch.

Now, podcasters will be able to interact with their listeners, unlock valuable audience insights that make them more responsive to them and lead to lucrative and topically aligned sponsorships and advertising revenue. Podopolo is dedicated to democratizing discovery, engagement, and monetization of podcast content, shifting the balance of power for independent content creators globally, and advancing a social impact mission for world-changing outcomes.

So you see, it is a podcaster’s paradise. It will be recognized on the world stage. It will become a household name and a verb and a place. We can’t say for sure if it’s going to reach restaurant status but it’s definitely already a ripe playground for you – you brilliant podcaster – to come hang out, chill, have fun, and get lost in this little slice of heaven we’ve created for you.


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