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Podcast Launch: Podopolo Unplugged2 min read

Oct 11, 2021 2 min

Podcast Launch: Podopolo Unplugged2 min read

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I love podcasts, and I love podcasting. I’m known as the podcast whisper, and I’m ALL IN on podcasting. Don’t believe me? My license plate says “podcaster”, I’ve been a radio personality for 15 years, and I’m the host and producer of two podcasts, “The Living the Law of Action Show” and “Life Transformation Radio” 

Now I’m diving in to all things Podopolo as host of the the soon-to-be-released Podopolo Unplugged Weekly Hot 10. 

Each week I’ll reveal must-listen podcasts to help you discover unique gems inside Podopolo. These will be the podcasts that you may know, likely don’t know,  and really should know.

So what makes it onto Podopolo Unplugged out of Podopolo’s 4 million+ podcasts?  

You’ll be helping me decide with your hot recommendations, alongside the amazing Podopolo team and together we’ll curate the best podcast gems discovered inside the Podopolo app.

And guess what?

If your Hot 10 pick is chosen, you’ll have an opportunity to be featured on the podcast with your review!

Podopolo is more than a  chance to discover and  listen. Because if you’re like me, you’ve probably wanted to leave your thoughts on a podcast episode or continue the conversation on your favorite episodes with your friends. I’ve been waiting a long time for this, and that’s where Podopolo comes in. 

Podopolo is a new dimension of podcasting.

It’s a global gathering place where thousands of conversations and connections make a meaningful difference in your life and the world. 

It’s an audio arcade where podcasters are paid like pros, and their fans reap ridiculous rewards for listening and contributing (like free products and services). 

Plus, it’s a powerful personalized player putting over 4 million podcasts in the palm of your hand, tailored specifically for  you and what interests you.

I’m so excited to be the host to bring you the ‘Hot 10’ each and every week, and hear all your recommendations for what we should include. 

I’m also going to interview some of the top podcasters, and I’ll be sharing some new unique features coming your way soon, including episode playlists, clip sharing, video podcasts, and also some cool ways you can make a positive and measurable impact on the planet with your engagement, and win prizes and special offers along the way.

For the inside scoop on the world’s biggest, baddest podcasting party, AND the countless show-gems that live inside, stay tuned to Podopolo Unplugged. 

You can listen to Podopolo Unplugged Weekly Hot 10 on your favorite podcast app, and of course, you will always see it front and center inside the Podopolo app. 

Wait, what? You don’t have the Podopolo app? 

Go download it today. You can thank me later.

To submit your favorite podcast: https://bit.ly/PodopoloUnplugged


Rob is the host and producer of three podcasts, “The Living the Law of Action Show”, “Life Transformation Radio”, and “Podopolo Unplugged. He’s also the best-selling author of the book, The Law of Action, about breaking through your fears and living a life of inspired action. He’s a voice actor and can be heard on many national TV commercials. He also narrated for Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning audiobook and all the books in the series.

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